Self-Love Immersion

Dear Self-Love Seeker,


We all have immense greatness, value, worth, and love deep within. Many people never get to extract it and utilize it for their Soul's Purpose.  Spiritual Self-Love Immersion is for those who are Spiritual, Mystical, and understand there is a path to take you straight into your greatness.


That path is Self-Love.


The purpose of this course is to dive deep with me to dig for the gold that lies deep within you.


It is the true spiritual alchemy.  As a Love Alchemist and Advocate I find this work to be the deepest, greatest we can give to ourselves. It connects the Body, Mind and Spirit together. A perfect blend of balance and grace.


Is this you...


  • You desire to feel more connection to yourself and be in tune with your emotions.
  • You know you have Spiritual gifts and you want to unlock them to create the life you've dreamed of.
  • You want to be comfortable in your own skin, and stop comparing yourself to someone else.
  • You know you have a purpose in this life and you want to find it.
  • You want more focus and less distraction, you want to find your inner guidance.


All of this is possible and more when you master your Spiritual Self-Love. 


And what stands in the way of you accessing this state of love is feeling like...


  • You're not worthy and you feel less than someone else - which shows up in romantic relationships, wealth creation, and even friendships.
  • You keep struggling to figure out your life's purpose and what you are supposed to be doing, and be on that powerful path.
  • Your mind is not focused and seems to drift off without your control - this is the monkey mind and following shiny objects syndrome.
  • You don't deserve love due to the trauma that you've experienced throughout your life.
  • You have no connection to yourself, your spirit, or your body.


Mia's story:  I know these feelings all too well because this was me when I began my journey at 24 years old. 


I was married young at 18 years old. By the time I was 20 my husband and I were attending dinner parties. One night the host told a story with a joke at the end. It was very funny, I loved David the host’s humor. 


Sitting next to me was a gentleman who leaned towards me as asked why I wasn't laughing. I said, "I was and it was hysterical". He said, "No you are not laughing". This really surprised me. Then I realized, I wasn't laughing out loud.


That was the moment I realized how repressed I was.


From this moment on I began delving into areas of relationships with myself that I never dared to go before.


The truth was I wasn't able to express my true feeling with my partner, I said yes when I meant no. I did...

  • I did whatever anyone said and didn't listen to my own inner voice.
  • I never put myself first, it was always about making my husband or someone else happy.
  • I worked long hours at work to feel like I could contribute value to our lives - instead of looking inward.
  • I was so painfully shy, I would do anything to not be seen.


From this moment I jumped into looking at how to love myself deeper, connect to others openly, and express myself without fear.


 From this, I learned...

  • I learned to love myself and stop my saboteur.
  • I learned that the inner critic was really mean and I didn't deserve that.
  • I learned to love softly and be gentle with myself not to cause more trauma.
  • I learned to see myself how God see's me and everyone else followed suit in how they saw me.
  • I learned to dive deep into the places that once were dark and scary and I brought the light into my life.


Now today, I am celebrating 33 years of understanding Self-Love. I am also celebrating 12 years as a spiritual love mentor. I have written books, created a self-love magazine called "BellaMia", I have spoken on the stage with Marianne Williamson, I have created numerous online educational shows to support the ones who are looking for change.


 I can honestly say...

  • I love myself.
  • I value my body.
  • I value my gifts.
  • I love to laugh.
  • I have healed from Breast Cancer in months without harmful medical treatments.
  • I love that I am feminine and sassy.
  • I am in my purpose.


This is why I created this Spiritual Self-Love Immersion - so that I can share with you...


Introducing The Spiritual Self-Love Immersion.


Unit 1: Awakening You!

Topic: Practicing Self Love by Honoring the Inner Child and Reflection work


In this unit, you will change the way you look at yourself via the following 4 modules:


  • Connecting with Yourself Using Mirror Work, the Mia Saenz Method;
  • Re-parenting the Inner Child and Increasing Emotional Intelligence with Mia's Signature Inner Child Meditation Process;
  • Going Deeper with Self Love via Self Reflection Journaling; and
  • Achieving Integration through Focused Awareness Practices Regarding Self Talk (Your Inner Dialogue).

Your group will meet weekly with Mia via Zoom and you will have one, 30-minute, private session with Mia during the 4-month process (each session represents a $300 value).

Unit 2: Spiritual Body Love Honoring!

Topic: Practicing Body Love with Gratitude


In this unit, you will change the way you look at your body via the following 4 modules:


  • Connecting to Your Body with Gratitude;
  • Practicing Body Awareness By Learning to Set Your Own Feminine Rhythms;
  • Going Deeper with Body Love via Self Reflection Journaling; and
  • Achieving Integration through Focused Awareness Practices Involving the Conversations You Are Having with Your Body.

Your group will meet weekly with Mia via Zoom and you will have one, 30-minute, private sessions with Mia during the 4-month process (each session represents a $300 value).

Unit 3: Your Spiritual Mind!

Topic: Discovering and Affirming Greatness


In this unit, you will change the way you think via the following 4 modules:


  • Discovering Your Greatness with Ancestor Work;
  • Affirming Your Greatness via Mantra Creation;
  • Going Deeper with Your Magnificence via Mantra and Meditation Journaling; and
  • Achieving Integration through Focused Awareness Practices Using the Sense of Greatness You have Developed.


Your group will meet weekly with Mia via Zoom and you will have one 30-minute, private sessions with Mia during the 4-month process (each session represents a $300 value).

Unit 4: Make Love Real In Your Life!

Topic: Applying the Dream, Believe, Create Formula for Manifestation


In this unit, you will go beyond the mirror of your inner world as you learn to create a love-soaked life via the following 4 modules:


  • Imagining the Dream via Using Mia's Five-Pillars Approach;
  • Developing the Dream By Creating your Dream Board;
  • Giving the Dream Life via the Power of Your Words (Journaling Exercises Concerning Strategic Action); and
  • Troubleshooting Blocks to Action through Focused Awareness Practices Involving the Actions You Are and Are not Taking.


Your group will meet weekly with Mia via Zoom and you will have one, 30-minute, private sessions with Mia during the 4-month process (each session represents a $300 value).

Here's how it works:

  • Each month is a unit of specific work and each unit has weekly modules and an online coaching session.
  • Each month has a guest speaker that supports this section.


BONUS: You get a session with me valued at $375.

The Spiritual Self-Love Immersion begin
Thursday, May 13, 2021 at 2 pm pst.

Mia Saenz: Energy Healer, Self-Love Coach... this woman is pure love. Just talking to her makes you feel good about yourself. She and I had several talks last year - she was a speaker at my tele-summit. But recently, she did a distant energy healing session with me and that tiny little bit of hope I still had for my ex.. that little bit that was still providing some sadness and pain... - she got rid of it.


She’s an amazing woman. If you do nothing else today, go to her website and read about her story. It will inspire you to never give up on yourself ever again. 

Carla M. Jones


Mia is so incredibly gentle and compassionate, I have been looking for someone like her for eight years and am grateful to the moon that I finally found her! She was completely receptive and did a lot of listening. There was a lot of energy moved in our session and she even recommended some future homework! My care was totally in my hands and she was there to witness it and I would recommend her services for anyone who is interested in delving deeper....

Pamela Furno


Mia and I did a healing session for my hands, which had been giving me nighttime stiffness for two or three months. Since our session a few days ago, the stiffness has been gone! Amazing! Mia is also loving, supportive, and highly insightful. A few times during the session we saw the same image simultaneously. She also picked up on some personal details which I verified as accurate, and which then helped her with the healing. I would highly recommend her. 

Julie Horn


Having a Soul Session with Mia, is truly a Blessed event. Her Wisdom spoke directly and beautifully to the Truth within me. Mia has the ability to see, feel and touch my own Relationship with the divine and feed it back to me.

My Soul stood before her and was mesmerized by the Beauty of her Longing to connect me with the Magnificence of my own Compassion, courage and Insight, which radiates Great Love. Mia’s Gift of understanding and experiencing Thoughts of Self-Love, propelled my Heart to desire that same communication within mySelf.
She showed me the Rainbow of my Heart that is the Bridge to helping others move from somber consciousness into Love. My Voice how it yearns to deliver its Powerful Healing Messages of Love!

Rev. Nancy Sargent

New Hampshire

Mia’s Inner Child Meditation wasn’t easy at first but I stayed with it, week after week. Today my littlest one and I meet each other with such glee and delight. Each time I think of her little face beaming up at me, I feel such love and joy coursing through my entire being. I find myself smiling and giggling, feeling so joyful and loved. Now, the entire meditation feels like a safe and happy haven. I can’t help but feel that in this meditation time is collapsing, it is no longer linear and I am healing my past, present and future self in profound ways. I am now so excited to do this exercise! Thank you, Mia, for such a beautiful and blessed gift.

Angela Lopez

Manila, Philippines

I had an amazing session with Mia. I had certain issues around abundance which I wanted to work on, but our session went much deeper as she worked on me to clear these issues. I could feel the flowing of the energy being released in my body. The session went beyond this when a small green orb began hovering over my face. Mia said, it was one of my ancestors, I can say she opened up a different dimension for me. Mia’s work is very powerful! 

Kamal Kaur


Mia Saenz is a Love Activist and the creator of Women Making Miracles™. She stands for love and supports you do the same. Mia helps those who feel alone and yet dream of love to Make Love Real™ in their lives so they can then go out and seed love into the world.


Mia helps you develop yourself, develop your miracle, and finally, develop your world. As a clairvoyant, Mia also helps you tune into Love's promise for your life and your work.


Through her work as a Love Teacher & Coach, Mia has discovered the depth of Love on all levels. Working through Love opens the connection so that all of life's purposes flow, which includes Love, Money and Abundance. Mia is also a media host, and is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of BellaMia magazine a transformational & holistic living well magazine.

Spiritual Self-Love Immersion

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